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National Protection Package (NPP) is a package product wich includes Loss Damage Waiver-Theft Protection (CDW-TP), Third Party Liability (SLI), Zero Dedutctible and Windows & Tires (W&T), at a discounted price.  


Collision Damage Waiver- Theft Protection (CDW-TP) is not insurance. The purchase of CDW-TP is optional in order to rent a vehicle in Costa Rica or the customer can purchase National Protection Package (NPP) which includes CDW-TP. If you purchase CDW-TP, the rental company contractually waives your responsibility for all or part of the cost of damage to, loss or theft of the vehicle during the rental period in Costa Rica unless you invalidate the coverage as provided in the rental agreement.

TWP is included on CDW-TP

A deductible of up to $1000 USD for CDW, and a deductible of $2,000 for Theft Protection will apply.

Please be aware that most auto insurance policies from outside Costa Rica do not provide coverage in Costa Rica. Liability insurance purchased on third party travel websites is not an acceptable form of coverage. Employees of the local rental car company are not qualified to evaluate the adequacy of the customer's personal auto insurance coverage. The renter should contact their insurance company prior to arrival with any questions regarding their specific coverage. Further, if the renter provides acceptable proof of current coverage in Costa Rica and declines both CDW-TP and NPP, the renter is responsible for the full value of damage to or loss of the vehicle and an additional authorization on the renter's credit card will be taken at the time of rental in the amount of $500 USD plus the estimated cost of the rental.

Customers with credit cards issued by a Costa Rican bank, who wish to decline CDW must show written proof of coverage toward the rental vehicle.

This insurance policy releases you from any third party liability. If you are involved in an accident while you are driving a rental and any damages are cause to third party property, the SLI will cover up to ¢ in third party property damages.

National Car Rental “guarantees that all policyholders or any insured parties under this insurance policy shall be covered

This insurance policy covers up to ¢40 million PER PERSON and up to ¢100 million PER ACCIDENT in which the rental vehicle is involved. This policy covers “all sums for which the insured party, or any other parties covered by such policy, are held liable by a final judgement, in relation to such accident and any personal or property damages caused by it.” This coverage excludes the driver and any family member thereof, any person residing in the driver’s household, or any family member of the latter.

Under this insurance policy, the lessee will be liable for 20% of all damages, which under no circumstance will be less than $250.

In the case of corporate clients or individuals using the vehicle for labor related matters, the applicable insurance policy is not the SLI but their respective company’s póliza de riesgos de trabajo (worker’s compensation policy).

This coverage becomes mandatory when the LDW is declined.

When you rent a vehicle at National Car Rental and you accept any of our coverages, you become responsible for a specific deductible amount for each of them.

The $0.00 deductible option allows you to reduce your payment obligations under any of the previously accepted coverages, provided you agree to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement in relation to the deductibles of the accepted insurance policies.

Any damages caused by driving on sand, in water or under the influence -as stated in the rental agreement- are not covered. Should you decline this option, you will be responsible for paying the deductibles of the accepted coverages, as stated in the rental agreement.

Coverage does not apply in case of negligence.
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